FAA                      Dr Mike is a senior AME and  provides Class I, II, and III medicals.
                            He is also HIMS trained and is available as an independent medical sponsor. 
                            Please  contact the  office for details regarding the HIMS protocol.
Travel Medicine    Dr Mike provides counselling, vaccines and travel prescriptions.  A Travax report
                             is provided for each itinerary.   
CDL                      Dr Mike is certified by FMCSA to do CDL medicals as per rule change in May
                            2014. The office provides the paperwork necessary for the exam. If a CDL is
                            done at the same time as an FAA medical, there is a discount.
Consult                Dr Mike is available for a medical consult or second opinion.     
Laboratory            Our office can provide most lab tests and as we are a cash based 
                            facility,  often our prices are equal or less than most insurance co-pays
Referral                 After 20 years working in the ER at Dixie Regional, Dr Mike has a good
                             relationship  with most specialists and can provide appropriate referrals  
Hours                   Our office services are by appointment only. Dr Mike tries to accommodate
                             patient's  schedule requests and  is available after traditional
                             office hours including most  weekends.  When you call, you might get the
                             answering machine. Please leave us a message and include your phone number
                             and we will get right back to you.